The website was down for a couple of days.  Here's an update thanks to Clare's newsletter blast:

Next Up:

COW BAY REGATTA and M242 North Americans

July 29th to July 31st Cowichan Bay Regatta

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Update from Michael Clements:
As of last week we are sitting at 21 boats, of which:

  • 13 are Registered, 2 are possibles, (Mike Merrick's team from Bellingham and Duncan Cameron from LA)
  • No word yet from Cam Grey in Maple Bay; Judith from Victoria; or the new owner in Ladysmith

So the final count will probably be 19-20 boats.



Tiddly Cove Yacht Club

English Bay Scramble 2016 August 13th 2016

  • TCYC Members Early Bird – $50 
    reduced registration prior to August 8 2016
  • Non-Member Early Bird – $60

    After August 8th
    TCYC Members – $60
    Non-Members – $70


Congratulations to Ray Parsons for his remarkable rendition of Dick Dead-Eye for Fleet Captain Allan Strain's entry in this year's EASTER SEALS REGATTA.

Great commitment to a great cause!


Checkmate at 2014 Round Bowen

2014 Round Bowen crew retrieval




at the Fleet Captain's Dinner and Richard Stewart once again excels as emcee!

shadowfax w fleet champ trophy

Congratulations to Allan Strain and team Shadowfax (#209), 2015 Fleet One Champions!

From left to right: Bob Ennenberg, Alan Smith, Allan Strain and Ray Parsons

Allan and team Shadowfax squeeked out the Championship over Michael Clements (Too Wicked) by gaining points in the final Regatta of the season while Michael competed on the Island.  Adam Korbin and team High Cheez were third in this series.

Shadowfax's impressive season included 1st in the Out of Bay series, 2nd in the In Bay series, and 3rd in our Wednesday evening series as well as being 1st in the Fleet Champion series. Here is Allan with his keeper prize:

Shadowfax w keeper

 Other winners for the 2015 season are:


Andreas Demone and team Bella Rena (#127)

InBay champs with Patti Gainor trophy

Andreas (red sihirt) is flanked on his right with Aiden, on left, Fleet One Captain Alan Sturgess and the original donor of the In Bay perpetual trophy, Patti Gainer.



outofbay trophy 

Allan Strain and team SHADOWFAX get the 'No Worries' Out of Bay series Trophy


the Annie P perpetual trophy

AnnieP trophy

Michael Clements and team Too Wicked (#304) win the Annie P perpetural trophy donated by Annie and Ray Parsons

TooWicked 2

Michael holds the Wednesday Evening Keeper prize with Fabian Hope and Charles Brodeur. Team Wicked also were 2nd Fleet Champion series,  2nd Out of Bay series and 4th in the In Bay series.


3rd Fleet Champion and 3rd In Bay series

Adam Korbin (High Cheez #266)

Adam and Alan

Adam (L) receives the keeper plaque from Fleet One Fleet Captain, Alan Sturgess


Helmswoman of the Year

Loree Christianson (Catch Me Now #250)

Loree and Alan Best Helmperson

Loree accepts the 'Electra' trophy donated by Joel and Jody Lancaster


Most Improved Sailor - Regis Challenge Compass trophy

Ian Dubé (Blowout #27)

MostImproved IanDube 

Sherileen Grey, Brad Hayes and Judith Roos-McClacherty  helped Ian Dubé win the Regis Challenge trophy which was donated by John and Doreen Dew


Special Recognition

Reto Corfu on behalf of himself and Phil Cragg (Back in Black #13)

Most Penalty Flag Minutes in a season!

Reto Kat and Alan w B flag

Reto is pleased to receive a new B Flag from Fleet Captn Alan Sturgess while Kat Mulberry reluctantly poses in place of Phil Cragg. Team Back in Black now have a new battle flag! Umm, I guess that's a good thing. . .


 Last but never least:


Allan strains credulity to score a win on the blunder meter.

Allan receiving BBB from AlanAllan can't believe his, er, luck in garnering recognition as TOP BLUNDERER. He went from first to last in a Cow Bay race for sailing through a start-finish line en route to the leeward mark. His defense was deeply murky and clearly not convincing.  The coveted 'Not Fred' trophy was narrowly missed by others, most notably Michael Clements, but in true democratic fashion, the audience was most audibly in favour of the skipper from Shadowfax.


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