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Centre Bay 2014

Centre Bay Weekend

Aug. 30, 31 and Sept. 1

Alexandra Island in Centre Bay, Gambier Island

About 4 hour motor-sail (18 nm) from Royal Van .  A pleasant jaunt to a nearby gem.

The normal routine has been going on for years, but there is much flexibility.  The normal schedule is that the Dragons race on Saturday, and serve some extremely alcoholic beverage called Dragons Breath (dry ice, vodka or everClear and fruit juice) in the evening.  Bring an appetizer to share with everyone else’s.  The Martins may race if there are enough, and if we can agree upon the nature.
Sunday is the M242 racing, although the Dragons have a few as well.  Following racing, in the evening, is the M242 martini serving or a fruit punch, and everyone should bring an appetizer and join in the food spread up in the pavilion.  Again, the Dragons join us as we joined them the evening before.  
The race committee and some marks are available, mostly complements of the Dragon Fleet and spectators in general, and people who set crab traps.  
Racing is low key (ha ha), but we could all agree to some conditions in advance, we could have at least one lady helm race, we could do what ever makes the weekend interesting.  
Traditionally, the fleet has paid for a few bottles of Martini and Gin, or a few bottles of rum for the punch.  The most important thing is to bring food, and a place to sleep.  Bring a tarp to put over the board and cushions if it is wet on race day, or bring both the M242 and the cruising boat.  Non-RVYC M242s are permitted at this outstation for this weekend alone.  If you bring a mother ship, have a member bring a burgee or sign you in.

2014 End of August Series

It's NOT Beer A Boat Night again til Sept 17!

18 Boats on the line, sun, warm, and our spectacular Bay made the August Beer night just a bit extra special!

Next Beer-a-boat night will be Sept. 17th marking the end of the September series.  The lights will be going out earlier and the weather might not be as benign but the beer will still be free!

The Royal Van scoring is available here.

2014 M242 NAs report

The 2014 M2424 North American Championships began with sunny skies, friendly breeze and great competition.

Craig Strand is down in Los Angeles staying with Mike and Denise George and helming Mike's boat, All-in.  Mike is still recovering from injuries suffered in a work related accident several months ago.

Day 1 action included 3 races and the wind built for each. The last two races had perfect conditions for surfing down wind.

2014 Martin 242

North American Championship

August 14–17, 2014



Pl Sail# Bow# Boat Skipper Club R1 R2 R3 Total
1 23 02 Trolleycar Peter Stazicker CYC 5 1 1 7
2 900 09 Pau Hana Paul Zambriski KHYC 6 2 3 11
3 9 01 Strange Crew Lewis/ Hanna DRYC 2 8 2 12
4 306 07 Dean Duncan Cameron CYC 8 3 4 15
5 100 03 WeeBee Will Petersen CYC 7 4 6 17
6 97321 14 Bad Wolf Len Abbeduto KHYC 1 9 10 20
7 303 06 Sandbox Mark Sands CYC 4 6 11 21
8 97228 11 Velerito Brack Duker CYC 3 12 7 22
9 179 04 Wombat Steven Moses SMWYC 11 7 5 23
10 307 08 All In Craig Strand CYC 10 5 9 24
11 97637 15 Blarney Tom O'Conor CYC 9 10 8 27
12 97947 16 New Channels Team Green Lauren KHYC 15 11 12 38
13 306A 10 Trophy Blonde Mike Priest CYC 12 13 14 39
14 97264 12 Off The Wagon Richard Mainland CYC 13 15 13 41
15 207 05 Sails Coll Julie Coll KHYC 14 14 15 43

Last Updated:  August 15, 2014   2029 hrs

Results are published here.


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