2017 North Americans Alert

Fleet Three (Los Angeles) will host next year's North Americans

The dates for the 2017 Martin 242 NA's have been set:  

Registration on Aug 31, 2017

Racing September 1-3

Notice of Race to come.

M242 Class Rules Update

Effective May 15, 2016: New Class Rules, Sail Registry Form and Measurement Certificate

Hello everyone,
The IMCA Technical Committee has been busy over the past few months performing additional work on harmonizing the Class Rules and eliminating some outstanding issues, specifically around Local Fleet Variances and Battery/Corrector Weight placement and calculations (with the goal of further equalizing all boats). If your M242 has required make up weight to reach the minimum 2475 lbs, check the new Weight and Measurement Requirements (Rule 3.7.1) explained below.

The changes are as follows:

Wed Evening Racing

Wednesday, April 27 6:00pm

 In order to be scored by Royal Van, you must register for the series. ROYAL VAN REGISTRATION IS ONLINE HERE.

In order to be scored by Fleet One in our Wednesday Evening Series and overall Fleet Champion Series, you must have a current Fleet One member on board. Membership costs $25 and you can pay your dues HERE.

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