Gin Pole

Need a hand with your mast?  

Fleet One’s Gin Pole can be an uplifting experience!


The Fleet has recently constructed a gin pole (see photos) for lifting masts out of boats while they are on trailers or in the water, building on a design that Tim Slaney developed.

One gin pole combo will be stored at Kits Yacht Club on the south-eastern section of the Club on a mast rack (see photo), and is intended for anyone in the Fleet to use.

Boats moored in False Creek or Burrard Inlet can make arrangements to pick up the gin pole via the assistance of Kits Yacht Club 242 members (probably via a handoff at the Kits floating dock) or by contacting Steve Haynes, Manager, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or  (604) 730-1646.

Furthermore, Tim Slaney has graciously agreed to lend out his gin pole to anyone at RVYC that wishes to borrow it. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (604) 315-5105.

A number of Fleet members have used Tim's straight-forward gin pole setup, so feel free to contact them for information re how to use the poles. They include Jim Hyslop, Tim Slaney, Michael Clements, Peter Wealick, and Alan Sturgess, among others.

There are a few items that each boat needs to supply to use the hollow gin poles, which fit over top of the forward shroud u-bolts:

1. Two spinnaker sheets or jib sheets to stabilize the pole setup fore and aft on the boat (see photo).

2. A mainsheet or spinnaker sheet to hoist the mast out of the boat

3. A reasonably strong turning block that is attached to one of the aft shroud u-bolts so that the lifting rope can be extended to one of the winches.

One final note is that the gin poles should be angled slightly forward on the boat so the mast can be easily lifted out (see attached photo)

For any detailed questions or assistance, contact Michael Clements at 778-968-1713.

2015 IMCA Weight Rule

The Martin 242 Class is concerned about your weight!

Update to International Martin 242 Class Rules

The following Class Rule has been reviewed, revised, and adopted effective March 1, 2015:

Rule  Maximum crew weight lowered to 800 pounds from 850

M242 Fleet 1 - Vancouver, working with all other Fleets, initiated a revised Class Rule to reduce the maximum crew weight on each boat to 800 pounds from 850, and to also specify what would be included in the weighing process re clothing, which was previously not described, and to also specify which Championship events crew weights need to be listed on the entry form(s) beside the respective crew names.

The revised Rule reads as follows:

" The total weight of the crew dressed in underwear cannot exceed a total of 363kg (800 pounds). Individual crew names, their respective weights, and the total crew weight for each boat shall be specified on the entry forms for any M242 National, North American, or International Championship Regatta."

The rational for the weight change was three-fold:

1. In the BC area, no crews regularly sail with more than 800 pounds, which also appears to be the case in California

2. We want to discourage any crew combo from "bulking up" for a known windy Nationals or NA's

3. A lighter overall crew weight will send a message to new and existing owners/crews that they do not need to be overly heavy to be competitive in moderate to windy conditions. We want to encourage more lighter-weight crew combos that include a higher percentage of women and teenagers, which is a growing component of the racing Fleets.

The rule change was passed in February, 2015, and the updated Class Rules are now current as of 2015-02-10.  A pdf copy of the revised rules will be published on the Fleet One website and local sites soon.

Orcas Island M242s

Martin 242s at Orcas Island

Profile of Orcas Island Yacht Club M242's

Hello M242'ers!

Betsy Wareham and Chris White here. We are the owners of Purple Martin and Kitefin (formally BoB).  Both of our boats were purchased from the Oregon 242 Fleet with the intention of extending the reach of M242 Fleets in the US.  Betsy and I love the boat and its performance in flat, shifty, conditions. 3 crew teams are common for us here in beautiful Westsound and frankly the Solings (I have rebuilt 2 Solings previously) are struggling to outpoint the masterfully designed 242.

Cow Bay 2014

Betsy and I tested our commitment to the 242 at Cow Bay where her yellow hull and my black hull (at the time "BoB") interacted with the local Fleet. I was getting a lot of shore support ("What about Bob!") from the shore parties and Betsy was trying to drill into the top 3 with intermittent success in the tacking marathon to the windward mark. Then later Sunday, with the help of Chris Bligh of "Thunderstruck", we stripped BoB of extraneous PHRF gear, which included various hardware like cam cleats, rings, life lines, posts, etc.  "Clang, Ping, Splash, Clunk", the parts came off. Then Chris helped find BoB a jib that wasn't separating at the seams. Betsy in turn was invited to view below decks of the rest of the fleet. Needless to say the hook was set as we felt invited to be part of the group.

Maple Bay 2014

A Fleet of 5 and some fine sailors with well prepared boats (yes, our boats had the short booms and the funny looking mains, and we had a wonderful time and a great cruise there and back).  From no wind to 20 knots+, BoB almost lost her rig on Sunday coming into the leeward mark on the last race. It was pumping and inverted, I have since shortened the backstay and have switched to 242 trim versus allowing the rig full-forward like my Soling days. Thank you to Alex Fox for your comments and inviting us into the Fleet.

Since Maple Bay, Betsy and I have bought Class-legal sails, new Class booms, and I have bought a Class rudder. On February 11, 2015, our driver took delivery of all the hardware in Marina del Rey, so we are looking forward to installing everything for the upcoming racing season.

Thanks also to Mike and Denise George for enabling us to reconfigure our boats to One Design, as OD is where our hearts lie. Thanks also to those who sailed at Cow Bay and Maple Bay for allowing us to participate during our transition.

We both plan to come to the 2015 NA's, Cow Bay, and other events. In addition, we invite you all to meet with us and possibly 2 California boats at Whidbey Island Race Week for our own start and 5 days of racing in July. WIRW is under new ownership, and I know them all personally, and I can say they are committed to making your experience worth your while.  Betsy and I will assist with layover and coordination tows to Whidbey as much as possible.

Orcas Island YC does plan to invite the Canadians at some point to race in our lovely pond at Westsound. We have some wonderful facilities and venues, so stay tuned as OIYC becomes part of the neighborhood.

Betsy (Purple Martin) and I (Kitefin) are feverishly working on our yachts and promoting the boat locally with good interest. Target for our Club? 5 boats in 2 years!

Chris White
Past Commodore OIYC
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
360 920 7718 cell

Orcas Island YC location

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