This Wednesday is BEER NIGHT!

At the end of each Royal Van Wednesday evening series, Fleet One has a little heartPARTYheart!

Fleet Members get a free beer!  This is one way your $25 bucks pays for itself.

OBVIOUSLY, we want to encourage all crew to join the Fleet.  I don't know a skipper who likes to drink alone!


This Wednesday is also the night when skippers are encouraged to include at least one sailor from our new CREW POOL which is being administered by Adrienne Mennell. A copy of the April Pool sheet can be found HERE.


Get on the phone, call up a sailor, and don't hesitate to replace the one who hoisted the spinnaker sideways last race!


While you're at it, ask each of your crew to donate $50 bucks for the season's racing on your boat.


Make sure you send $25 of the $50 to Judith along with the crew's coordinates as above.  You'll be happy, they'll be happy 'cause now you OWE them to keep 'em on board, and the Fleet will be happy to welcome a new member and desperately needed moola!


After racing,

Star & Dragon or outside at ground level.


See youz there.  And yes, the Club serves wine as well. . .

"I have a cunning plan" said the tactician. . . .

Martin Marine Round Bowen Island Race  

Saturday, June 10

This race is a huge amount of fun.  The 18 nautical mile circumnavigation of Bowen offers every variation of wind and current that you can imagine.  Fortunes change by the minute!

With 100+ boats - ranging from 20’ to 70’+ - all on the same line for the 1000hrs start, it's challenging to stay in clean air and avoid traffic.  But the good news is M242s historically do really well in this PHRF event.  2nd place finish by M242 Fleet Captain Allan Strain & team in 2016!

Note that motor must be left on the transom as we are racing under PHRF.

If you have not yet done this race, call M242 Race Event Cheerleader Alan Drinkwater for details. H 604 224-6346,  C 604 360-7405.  

Go to the Bowen Island Yacht Club website to register.  

Entry fee discount if register before June 1.

Round Bowen Website

Registration site


National Bank Easter Seals Charity Regatta

Saturday, June 3rd.

This is another very fun event.

Let's get a great M242 turnout!!!!

If you are interested in registering for this year’s event, you can do so online at www.EasterSealsRegatta.ca.  They have apparently improved the registration and fundraising process to make it as easy as possible for you.  If you were a part of the event in the past you can simply call 604-873-1865 ext 448 and you can be registered with your information from last year.

Additional information