Martin 242 Fleet One or Fleet Two Member/Boat Registration

1. If you prefer to use snail mail:

Please download and complete this Membership Form and return the completed form as noted on the form.


Please complete the following form and pay online through PayPal. (PayPal accepts credit card payments; you do not have to have a PayPal account).¹ 

Please note the first query is a drop-down form with the three options: Boat+Skipper, Member only, or Boat only.  You can only choose one. Similarly, choose either Fleet 1 or Fleet 2.  Include the Skipper's name if you are registering for boat and skipper, otherwise just the boat's or your name.
A Skipper (or Team) and boat are registered together so that the boat's Sail Registry is linked to a particular person (or Team).

I/We wish to renew/apply for membership in the MARTIN 242 FLEET ONE or FLEET TWO ASSOCIATION for the year.  I/We understand that in order to be scored in a Fleet Championship Event (as defined on the official Calendar) a competing boat must be registered by June 1st and have a Member on board when racing.

I/We AGREE that by paying my/our annual Dues below that I/We AGREE to the above statements.

¹ Except making a secure payment with your credit or debit card via the third-party payment processor (PayPal), this form is not designed to collect confidential or sensitive personal information (e.g., financial information, social security numbers).

Membership or Registration Dues for 2023.

Choose which membership:
Choose which Fleet to join?
First & Lastname?
Boatname and Sailnumber (only required if registering for boat and skipper or boat only)

Notes about Fleet Membership:

  1. Under the Bylaws of the Martin 242 Fleet One Association, and the Fleet Two Association, there is only one class of membership (a “Member”).  Members in good standing are entitled to vote on all matters governed by the Association.  (Note that the International Martin 242 Class Association governs the M242 Class Rules.)
  2. Anyone holding office as a Director of the M242 Fleet One or Fleet Two Associations must be a Member.
  3. Any boat or team competing in a Fleet Series must have the boat and sails registered, and race with a current Fleet Member on board.  For the purpose of sail credits and series scoring, a boat or team can have only one Skipper.
  4.  Any boat or team competing in a Championship Series (Canadians or North Americans) must also ensure that the helmsperson is a Member of a Fleet.
  5.  See the Value Proposition document for all the reasons to join a Fleet, including the need to build up a fund for the mast & boom development and production project in the coming years.