The Regional M242 Fleet has made 5 copies (3 aluminum, 2 stainless) of the MG Marine drilling jig that is used to make 4 holes in each of the side deck rails to accommodate the larger shroud u-bolts.

One jig is at Orcas Island (c/o Ken Machtley); two jigs are in Vancouver (c/o Michael Clements); the 4th jig is on Vancouver Island (c/o Gord Galbraith in Victoria); and the 5th jig is also on Vancouver Island (c/o Ken Holland in Nanaimo).

Please contact any of these individuals if you need to install G10 or other rods under the deck lip and will need to redrill the holes.

The u-bolts, locknuts, and 24”x3/4” G10 rods can be sourced from MG Marine in Marina del Rey, California. The G10 rods can also be sourced from McMaster-Carr in the US via: 

Note that the drilling jig hole spacing in the black jig bar below is designed for the new, slightly larger, u-bolts that MG Marine uses now on 242’s, not the old, smaller diameter and spacing, u-bolts from the 1980’s and 1990’s.

If you want to re-drill holes for the older, smaller-width and diameter u-bolts from the 1980’s and 1990’s, then this double-sided stainless drilling jig made by Yury Levkovskiy (and also in storage with Michael Clements) will probably do the trick:

Note: Anyone doing the G10 rod installation will want to firmly bed in the G10 rods with epoxy in the underside of the rail lip, let it cure, and then cover the rod and smooth it out with epoxy and some filler such that the lip is just a solid piece of Fiberglas and epoxy running 2’ along each side. Then drill the holes for the u-bolts after that process is complete.

One of the Martin 242 sailors in Vancouver, an engineer, said that installing just the G10 rod on its own is inadequate: drilling two holes thru it weakens it structurally, and the rod will flex, so the epoxy process is critical to add strength and properly spread the load along a 2' span on each side.
The finished product should look like the underside of the deck lip on #304, Too Wicked, per the photo below: