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ALL NEW M242 Boat Maintenance Handbook

The International Martin Class Association (IMCA) Technical Committee have been hard at work over the past several months compiling a ton of great information on how to maintain the M242 - here's everything you need to know to improve the durability, reliability, and performance of your boat in one tidy package!

Check it out here:
M242 Boat Maintenance Handbook

Special thanks go out to all the contributors:
Mike & Denise George, Tom O’Conor, Steven Moses, Ken Holland, Jeremy Smith, Anthony Collett, Michael Clements, Don Ulsifer, Ken Machtley, Chris White, Mike Merrick, and others. Thanks all for the awesome resource!
2021 Fleet 1 Awards

Unfortunately this year’s Fleet 1 dinner and awards ceremony was again cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic…but we still have some hardware to bestow! So we’ll again have to hand out these honours virtually – check out this year’s winners:

In case you missed it...

Alex Fox wrote up a great regatta report from this year's Canadian Championships in Cowichan Bay, published in the October edition of Pacific Yachting magazine. Check out the full article HERE for a pretty great perspective on the racing. Thanks Alex!

(editor's note: this makes me look forward to next year's North American Championships in Nanaimo, nothing like big-fleet one design racing!)