2018 Round Bowen Island Race

Too Wicked Dominates (Again)! Michael Clements starts ahead, ends ahead.

While this photo by John Culter seems to, Michael Clements is NOT over early! He knew where the start line was, others, not so sure.

Four M242s in the top ten overall with Too Wicked: Dirty Dog (Matt Collingwood), Back in Black (Philip Craig), and Whippet (Craig Strand)

1 M242 Too Wicked 304 Martin 242 Michael Clements Vancouver CAN 156 10:00 13:46:07 3:46:07 3:37:25
2 M242 Dirty Dog 282 Martin 242 Matt Collingwood Vancouver CAN 156 10:00 13:52:57 3:52:57 3:43:59
3 PHRF 1 Calico 12 Farr 30 Fraser Hall Vancouver CAN 54 10:00 13:19:51 3:19:51 3:46:19
4 PHRF 1 Spiny Norman 3 Farr 30 Rich Alban West Vancouver CAN 48 10:00 13:18:48 3:18:48 3:47:30
5 M242 Back in Black 14 Martin 242 Philip Cragg Point Roberts USA 156 10:00 13:57:24 3:57:24 3:48:16
6 M242 WHIPPET 5 Martin 242 Craig STRAND Vancouver CAN 156 10:00 13:58:22 3:58:22 3:49:12
7 PHRF 2 Serendipity 258 J/109 Tom Sitar Vancouver CAN 69 10:00 13:27:53 3:27:53 3:49:25
8 PHRF 2 Danu 69266 Beneteau First 36.7 McGreer Brandlmayr Burnaby CAN 81 10:00 13:33:32 3:33:32 3:50:57
9 PHRF 2 Showtime 77568 J/36 Anthony Boardman Vancouver CAN 83 10:00 13:35:16 3:35:16 3:52:03
10 PHRF 3 Frerari 69406 Frees 30 Keith Simpson West Vancouver CAN 135 10:00 13:56:33 3:56:33 3:54:45


Martin Marine 
2018 Round Bowen Race - M242 Div - June 9, 2018

Start: Start 1, Finishes: Finish time, Time: 10:00
Rank Div Boat Name Sail Number Skipper Rating Start Finish Elapsed Corrected
1 M242 Too Wicked 304 Michael Clements 156 10:00 13:46:07 3:46:07 3:37:25
2 M242 Dirty Dog 282 Matt Collingwood 156 10:00 13:52:57 3:52:57 3:43:59
3 M242 Back in Black 14 Philip Cragg 156 10:00 13:57:24 3:57:24 3:48:16
4 M242 WHIPPET 5 Craig STRAND 156 10:00 13:58:22 3:58:22 3:49:12
5 M242 Shadowfax 209 ALLAN STRAIN 156 10:00 14:17:38 4:17:38 4:07:43
6 M242 Simply Red 8 Alan Drinkwater 156 10:00 14:26:52 4:26:52 4:16:36
7 M242 BlowOut 27 Ian Dube 156 10:00 14:35:43 4:35:43 4:25:07
8 M242 Check Mate 231 Cedric Carter 156 10:00 14:40:45 4:40:45 4:29:57


Thursday Night Keelboat Racing Starts May 3

Dear Sailors,

Since Kitsilano Yacht Club's first announcement that we will be continuing the Thursday night Spring Series Keelboat races formerly operated by False Creek Yacht Club, we have learned more about the series, the skippers and its ethos and we have decided to make this series inclusive for everyone to participate. 

The series will take place from May 3rd to June 14th
We will publish a Notice of Race in the coming days along with registration instructions. 

Prices will be as follows:

Included in membership for KYC skippers
$105 for all 7 races paid in advance
$20 per race 

We are excited to confirm the very experienced Dan La Casse and his wife Bev from Okanagan as our Race Officers for the coming series. Court Touwslager will be out on the water for the first day of racing on May 3rd to ensure we have continuity and consistency of your racing program. 

See you on the water!

Best regards,

Colm Webb
General Manager
Kitsilano Yacht Club
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Weekend Fun Racing.

Fleet one development is proposing to set up a group email of 242ers who are interested in casual race days throughout the summer, this activity can be arranged on short notice with the aid of the 5 day forecast to decided on a decent sailing day for the upcoming weekend, an individual can send out a group email to other participating 242’s in hopes that one or more boats are free to meet up & stage a fun race.

The race course would use existing marks such as anchored freighters, buoys or Passage Island depending on wind direction.
Casual racing also provides the opportunity for less experienced boats or crew members to get up to speed without the intensity of scheduled fleet events.

There is no cost or commitment involved to register on the mailing list, other than having to find an excuse to go racing on a sunny day.
To register on the M242 Fun Racing mailing list or for more info, email me colinp242 at shaw.ca to get your boat listed on the group email which will be sent out to all participants sometime in May.

Colin Potter.
Fleet One Development.

Ok - here goes:

“There’s a reason they call it the THRASH Regatta”

The 2018 edition of the THRASH Regatta saw 9 Martin 242’s show up, with Teams from Vancouver (Michael Clements&Justin Hall, racing with Jeremy Smith and Robert Berry from Victoria on a Royal Vic club boat), Nanaimo (Tod&Doug Gilbert), Orcas Island (Ken Machtley & Team), and Victoria (6 boats) attending. Adrienne Mennell came over from Vancouver also and raced with Jenn Potter and Heather Abel.

Saturday’s winds were very strong out of the west, with average wind speed around 20 knots and gusts up to 25-30knots. Several boats suffered varying degrees of damage, including emotional, psychological and physical battery, and the fleet size dwindled to 4 boats by the last race. At least one wise team spent the entire day drinking at dockside, assisted by a winch-powered blender.