Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Peter Creighton & Family

On January 29th, Judith Neville of Victoria, BC, sold Haggis (hull #139, listed July 29, 2021, for CDN$13,500) to Peter Creighton and his family of Nanaimo, BC, which makes it the 2nd transaction of the year.

Racing Concept of the Month #5
The “racing concept of the month” articles are way of sharing the general racing knowledge that has been developed over the decades in the Martin 242 fleet – this is the fifth of a series. All are loosely based on the excellent content in this article by Michael Clements.

Tips & Tricks for the Leeward Mark Rounding

The leeward mark rounding can be another pivotal moment of the race where many positions can be gained or lost in not a lot of time or distance.

In general, your key goals for a good leeward mark rounding are:
  1. keep your speed up – remember how long it takes a 242 to get back up to full speed at the start line; the same applies at a leeward mark rounding.
  2. be in full control – try to have at least two crew members (helm and one other) with their head out of the boat and focused on speed and heading during the rounding, and not focused on rescuing a wayward kite, untangling jib sheets, or fishing a crewmember out of the drink. This control also helps if tactically you need to spin right around the mark and tack immediately onto starboard.
  3. don’t lose position to other boats – most likely to occur due to other boats being overlapped on your inside at the mark.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Matt Battles & Chris Robison

On January 22nd, Chris White of Westsound, Orcas Island, sold Crazy I's, Hull #203, in a private transaction to Matt Battles and Chris Robison of Deer Harbor, Orcas Island, which makes it the 1st transaction of the year.